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With more than 11 years of experience, Mudalaya Energy Indonesia is trusted to work on large business partner projects.

Our Services

Oil & Gas

Manufacturing equipment and tools fabrication services

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Equipment fabrication services


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Preventive maintenance and machining services

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Our Services

Oil & Gas

We provide services for manufacturing equipment and tools to support the operations of the oil & gas sector. Many of the products we have produced include Storage Tanks, Mud Tanks, Water Tanks etc. The products we produce are appropriate and apply the ISO9001 work system with several tests including NDT Test, Hydrotest, Load Test etc. with certified welder from Bureau Veritas.


We provide facilities construction and building construction services for various needs and various types of construction and facilities. We have produced many products including Ladder for Manhole (Leighton Contractors Indonesia – Microsoft Indonesia), Fence Gate for project sites (Leighton Contractors Indonesia – BP Tangguh), Salak Visitor Center Building (Chevron Indonesia), Canopy Pedestrial & Canopy Entrance (LRT Indonesia ). 

Power Plant

We provide equipment and equipment fabrication services for operations and waste treatment to support the geothermal sector both onshore and offshore. Many of the products we have produced include Pipe Supporting, Mini Hydro Pen Stock, Casing Transformers, Expantion Joints, etc. The products we produce are appropriate and apply the ISO9001 work system with several tests including the NDT Test with a certified welder from the Bureau of Veritas.


We provide preventive maintenance and machining services to support the maintenance sector in the field of automotive machining. The services we provide include Maintenance of the Toyota Dies Casting Machine – TACI with several spare part procurement projects to support the maintenance process.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

PT Mudalaya Energy Indonesia is one of a construction company and machinery precision tools upon global provides of social infrastructure throught Oil and Gas Steel Construction, Mining, Power Energy and Automotive.

Our team includes high qualified and motivated professional in Steel Construction, Engineering Design, and Business Development. in addition, the experience knowledge of our directors and engineer ensures that we can deliver an innovate for each of our clients, with a focus on excellence wuality and close personal communication upon edibility on every project.

We continually improve in all process approached against (SQCD M) Safety Quality COs On Time Delivery an Morale. nInvest in our most important asset-our pearls people. We are committed to enhancing KPI Through Kaizen and Continuing Professional Development and Training, research and development in new Construction and smart technologies. In addition new initiatives in promoting a social responsible which values the communities in which we work are integral part of our CSR program.

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MUDALAYA means the word ‘Muda’ with a young soul, and ‘Alaya’ is dignified and trustworthy. Mudalaya means energy which come from young soul and has dignity/noble and trustworthy character that come from Indonesia

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